There exists a domain of being that is beyond the reach of language. Mystics across the ages have told of an experience marked by a profound sense of holiness and sacredness that is felt to be at a more basic level than any religious or philosophical concepts held by the perceiver.

Ansarra is an institutional sanctuary where people of all articulated faiths come in order to know this direct, unmediated religious experience of a tangible encounter with the Profound. With the ancient techniques of religious ecstasy and the technological capabilities of modern science, we have the capability to instantaneously elicit such foundational religious experiences as the ego death described in Eastern traditions, or the transport to heavenly realms of indescribable beings to which the prophets of Abrahamic faiths bore witness. 


We are a trans-religious mystic collective and a non-creedal church. We do not interpret the experiences that we facilitate, or otherwise interfere in that domain of language in which the great religions operate. Our purpose is of a different domain than the articulated dimension of faith. We specifically disclaim any doctrinal authority for ourselves, and we often cooperate with the languaged religions to support the integration of the experience into the participant’s existing system of belief.